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0001 SODIUM SELENATE RETARDS EPILEPTOGENESIS VIA ACTIVATING PROTEIN PHOSPHATASE 2A P. Zheng*, S. Liu*, N. Jones*, S. Shultz*, G. Dezsi*, D. Wright†, C. Hovens‡, T.J. O’Brien*,§ *The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Medicine, Melbourne, Australia, †The Florey Institutes of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia, ‡The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Surgery, Melbourne, Australia, §Melbourne Brain Centre, Neurology, Melbourne, […]

NMC officials facing CBI probe on allegations of giving approvals to medical colleges for Cash: Report

New Delhi: The top officials of the National Medical Commission (NMC) have now landed in trouble as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has started to investigate the cash-for-clearance… — Read on medicaldialogues.in/health-news/nmc/nmc-officials-facing-cbi-probe-on-allegations-of-giving-approvals-to-medical-colleges-for-cash-report-92118


The bizarre irony is not lost on me when I write this to you in English suggesting to replace English from governance and education. Even though I do not wish to communicate in English, ‘independent’ India has robbed me and most Indians+ of their linguistic wealth and options. A person who doesn’t respect himself can […]

Psychedelics Road Ahead: Are We Ready

EDITORIALPsychedelics Road Ahead: Are We Ready?Mahesh R GowdaAbstrActPsychedelics are classed as a schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 because of the potential for mind-changing effects. In vulnerable people, unsupervised use has the potential to lead to suicide. However, the management of end-of-life anxiety, severe resistant depression, resistant obsessive–compulsive disorder, and substance […]

Defensive Medicine and what it means to you and your family (non-doctors)

Though a bit long, but worth reading Defensive Medicine and what it means to you and your family (non-doctors)-by Dr. Pranav Kodial This article is primarily for non-doctors, to create awareness about the fast-growing problem of Defensive Medicine, a problem that will soon affect every non-doctor and his family. “Staring at danger may not be […]