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Allopathy Hate: The big killer in India

Allopathy Hate: The big killer in India©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande First Victim: He was twelve years old, had fits, controlled with meds, and had no side effects, monitored regularly. They kept on meeting different doctors. Some qualified quack (people who advise beyond their trained specialty) told them to stop the epilepsy medicine completely. They did. […]

Depression in Epilepsy: Etiology, Phenomenology,

Eprlepsia, . Department o l of Medicin Department zyzxywxwvuvtusrtsqrpqopnomnmlkljkih 4O(Suppl 47, 1999 zwyvxuwtsvruqtpsornmqp Depression in Epilepsy: Etiology, Phenomenology, I0):SZ I- & Wilkins, Philadelphi a Lippincott Williams 0International League Against Epilepsy f Psycholog S zyxwvutzsyrqxw Summary: A history of depression or depressive symptom- atology has been reported in up to two-thirds of patients with medically intractable […]

Guidelines for the management of status epilepticus

420 Viewpoint Hervé Outina, Hugues Lefortb and Vincent Peignec; the French Group for Status Epilepticus Guidelines European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2021, 28:420–422 aService de réanimation médico-chirurgicale, Centre hospitalier intercommunal de Poissy, Saint-Germain en Laye, bStructure des urgences, Hôpital d’Instruction des Armées Legouest, Metz and cService de Réanimation, Centre Hospitalier Métropole-Savoie, Chambéry, France In 2019, […]

Lead Poisoning From Ayurvedic Medicine Thomas Kron, MDApril 15, 202212189This article was originally published in German on Univadis.Core Messages Lead is used as a diluting agent for illegal drugs such as heroin and marijuana. However, drug users are not the only ones who need to watch out for the toxic heavy metal ― believers in […]