An older study, showing 97% seroprevalence in Delhi.

The twist: this was BEFORE Omicron

Children, before vaccination, had nearly as much seroprevalence- indicating that most of them were already infected BEFORE Omicron hit India.

The best part: 3rd wave didn’t harm kids.

We have observed that in Kerala too, where Omicron caused massive levels of infection – but hospitals did not get overwhelmed, and children DID NOT get severe disease.

MIS-C was far rarer than in previous (smaller) waves.

No cases of liver failure either, among millions.

Long COVID too has not been a problem here, for the millions of infections that happened. I have trained over 6000 school principals in Kerala (over 1/3).

This gives me a good grassroots level feel for what’s happening on the ground, plus regular inputs from pediatricians.

In my constant interactions, the impact of long covid among children is minimal, at most. I had regularly tweeted these updates prior, after each session.

Gastroenterology fraternity, who cover the whole state, with all the liver transplant centers, has not had one case yet.

Up until now, none of my peers (Gastroenterology/Hepatology) have treated a young child with possible “Omicron related” liver failure.

(And this, from an area where several million children had Omicron infection)

Paediatricians concur. They haven’t seen such cases either.

While I cannot vouch for cases that never reached these centers, I can say Kerala’s healthcare access is exemplary, and this gives a reasonable idea of how rare these conditions are in this part of the globe.

I will update if more information
comes in.

The link to the report on high seroprevalence👇

Will tag @adamhfinn who has been one of the sane voices from Britain.


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