Reality of medical practice!

Chethana Raj passing away

Similar incident can happen to any doctor practising surgery or medicine .
Media has become such a threat to medical professionals-really scary !! We should demand a law not to publish any details until competent authority (KMC) gives them permission to do so . The present incidence show causes such a weak working bodies like KMC , IMA etc .
We hope at least doctor gets good support from his plastic surgery colleagues who are regularly doing liposuction and who knows all the complications of liposuction!!!
Too early to get details of what happened. He needs all the support he need’s psychologically and medicolegally from our fraternity. We cannot come to conclusion based on one’s past experience. At present media is making a monster out of a very fine experienced surgeon. Let us not fuel what media is projecting. Some of the answers you can find in the write up to the media by our colleague
Dear Media,
As you all are giving enough coverage of the News of an unfortunate incident of an Actress, Ms Chethana Raj passing away following a Liposuction Procedure done at a Cosmetic Surgery Centre. We all sympathise with the deceased and his parents and family members. It is quite natural on behalf of them to accuse the treating doctor. Statement from the treating doctors in the incident is still awaited. You people have disclosed the name of the Clinic, the Doctor, Location etc. Is it right to malign the image of a doctor who would have performed hundreds or thousands of surgeries with great results till date that too without knowing the other side of the story? Folllowing are some clarifications about some doubts media and hence public are having regarding the case.
1) One media report said doctor insisted for the fat loss surgery- want to ask that reporter does he mean that doctor kidnapped the actress from her home and brought her to the Clinic. If not then It is the person himself who goes to a cosmetic surgery clinic to look better by losing some fat. Patients today are well informed through Google about what is Liposuction. Most of the times they come to the clinic asking for the Liposuction of the concerned area staightway.
2) Another report said doctor did not take permission from parents- for the kind knowledge of all media persons and public if patient is accompanied by an adult who is mentally fit and can sign the consent form it is sufficient. If we go by the concept of the concerned reporter then a person who has already lost his parents can not be operated upon!!!
3) Other report said the hospital in which she was operated upon did not have an ICU. For the kind information of media, Having an ICU is not mandatory by any Law in India to operate upon a patient where percentage risk of death is minimal
4) One of the reports said Police has Lodged an FIR- This is happening repeatedly. Even police is unaware ( or do so under Political/ Social pressure) that an FIR can not be lodged against a doctor until he is found guilty by a designated panel that contains doctors too. A young female doctor recently committed suicide in Rajasthan for this very illiteracy of Police and Media.
5) Media is showing the complaint form of a doctor from other hospital against the Anesthetist of the actress that he insisted on some treatment of he misbehaved etc. This simply means he was trying his best to save a patient. An Anesthetist knows the best what treatment should be given in critically sick patients.
6) Lastly- Is death a possible complication of Liposuction procedure?- Yes, the cause can be DVT and pulmonary embolism, Fat embolism, Pulmonary edema, Severe allergic reaction to an anesthesia drug etc. Though the possibility of death in a liposuction Procedure is very minimal but still it can happen without doctor being negligent.

So, it is a kind request to the Media that they shall do responsible reporting rather than accusing someone just based upon the hearsay. Irresponsible reporting can ruin the life and profession of a doctor and can kill many patients who might have been saved by this doctor in coming times. Not only liposuction but any surgery rather even a simple injection of a pain killer can be potentially lethal. That does not mean the clinic or hospital should have ICU.

An empathising medical practitioner!!! 🔥💯

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