World schizophrenia Day

It was a regular sunny morning of Monday 2nd May 2022, Dr Anjali Deshapnde, Director , Insight Mind Care Center was heading for Insight MCC for morning rounds when she notices this young person who was apparently looking from a good family but in a disheveled appearance, eating food from the garbage of a close by dustbin. This was Brahmand Society Complex in Thane. She saw him and thought for a while and straight went ahead for Insight MCC .

On arrival she took RMO, the social worker and support staff with her and came back to the person where he was still wandering aimlessly. She tried to talk to him but he looked dazed, confused and was talking irrelevantly. So they asked him to get in vehicle on temptation of offering food and thus he boarded the vehicle and was brought to the hospital.

Here the support staff cleaned him and then he was offered a fresh set of clothes and breakfast. It was painful to see the way he finished the food which suggested /indicated that he was hungry for at least for a couple of days. Then he went to sleep however in the evening he started behaving abnormally, talking irreverently Second psychiatrist of hospital was roped in for a second opinion and it was confirmed that he was suffering from psychotic breakdown. He could communicate in Hindi to some extent but un-cooperative nature interfered in detailed examination. He was given psychotropic medication and the local police station was informed. A local constable came and took statement of doctors and tried to interrogate the patient unsuccessfully. After a week’s treatment he started telling his name and address suggesting that he was from Haryana. So collecting the information given by him, Our Administrator could manage to reach his family in a small village with the help of a local doctor. They managed to get the phone number of his brother. Dr Anjali Deshpande spoke with his brother who broke into tears, on knowing his brother was safe and in good condition. He also accepted him having mental illness and promised to come in a one week to take away his brother. Thus he arrived on 11th May, It was indeed a emotional reunion of two brothers to watch.

Thus a wandering person with mental illness was finally reunited with family on confirmation of identity. Information was also given to the police station, Insight Mind Care Center did not charge a single penny for this noble task.
We salute Dr Anjali Deshpande and Insight MCC staff.

These are our baby steps towards the cause of schizophrenia!
Wishing you all on the eve of World schizophrenia Day, 24th May 2022.

Directors and Staff IMCC

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