Maya is different from the world ……

Maya is different from the world ……

Dr. Rajas Deshpande
Pune / Mumbai

Two years ago, they first came to me with Vasudhatai with Parkinsons. No artificial affection helped them sleep on the examination table from the chair. “It’s okay, are you okay?” Do you want any more? “He kept asking the patient like this. All the complaints were written by him, he asked me and explained every answer to Vasudhatai. He was gently wiping out the patient’s mouth. Finally “are you satisfied? “Asking them like this, thanking me and left. Advocate sir Shri. My first meeting with Ajay Patwardhan. Because of her mother-in-law Mrs. Vasudha Barve..

So polite, understanding behavior from such an educated and pleasant society – even with adults or doctors – can’t be seen nowadays, I’m so happy. Shriyut Ajay had not asked me the difficult questions that relatives who come with elderly patients often ask – “How many more days? “Where can they be kept? , We can’t handle it anymore…. ” Etc. That’s why my respect for them increased even more.
This is the first time in my practice that a son-in-law takes such good care of his mother-in-law. Few more meetings ahead, it showed that Shriyut Patwardhan Saheb is not only a renowned lawyer, but also a balanced personality of very high thinking.

Vasudhatai looked very happy and enthusiastic during yesterday’s inspection. As important as good treatment is, it is important to have love, affection and happy time with the patient at home. This definitely makes a huge difference in the mood, health and life of a patient! It is so pleasant to think that someone is taking care of you! But even if it’s husband-wife, children and parents, sisters and brothers, family members who treat each other like enemies are not new these days.

Out of curiosity I asked her- “How does mother-in-law inspire to do everything with so much love? “.
They said: “My mother taught us siblings- that greatness is in loving the people around us with all the heart, connecting people and understanding.” Our today’s society is getting weaker and weaker due to breaking of threads in the family. Everyone has to decide whether to join this downfall or not. I have decided not to fall in it. My mother in law, I’m going to try for everyone in my family to be happy”.

“Where are your mothers? “I asked Ajayrao.

“She’s at my big brother-in another city.” He takes great care of her, but she also tells me on the phone to take good care of mother-in-law,” he said.

“You are lucky” I said to the patient – Vasudhatai.
“Yes – a lot! He won’t let me realize that he’s not my son” said wiping tears from his eyes.

Just a little emotionally Mr. Ajay said- “Doctor, we are blessed to find people of our own thinking, meeting them, that is our mistake. We are not machines to think about the same thing for everyone. When people of different castes and ideologies eat together in the same row, only then can our society develop”.

What a brilliant thought! Nowadays no one is seen speaking the language of harmony, social ecopy. Working as doctors day and night we see the outbreak of nature in the human body, aging brain, brutal zease of all-argeing, incurable diseases and fatal accidents, but anywhere there is caste, poverty-richness or any other discrimination God No, does not seem to be done by nature, age.
Discrimination amongst each other is the most serious disease man made. I have never seen anyone who discriminates like this get some happiness and happiness! Only sensible people who love each other and maintain humanity can be happy.. Mr. I felt this even more relevant when I looked at Ajay Patwardhan!

I pray that such happy moments that make humanity proud may come back to everyone including me!

Dr. Rajas Deshpande
Pune / Mumbai

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