Retirement for doctors

RETIREMENT for Practising Doctors : WHY & HOW. Practitioners’ Blog : 2022

🍁 As regards accepting Retirement from Professional Work, Doctors are a different breed , because usually they are never contended with the quantum of patients they might have treated in their lifetime. They often tend to envy those colleagues who are getting four times the work.

🍁 By default, most Practising Doctors work for an average 7-8 hours every weekday, in two split sessions . Even, beyond these clinic hours, 😟😉 there is hardly any privacy and phone calls / emergencies in odd hours, are always a disturbance that prevails at home.

🍁 Having done their professional work for almost 3 – 4 decades, going to the clinic becomes a default habit , which all doctors and their families have happily embraced. One can call it an addiction of sorts . Being in a noble profession is another justification that is quoted . Patient Families also demand their presence, in times of need

✳️ HOW TO RETIRE from Active Professional Work is a vital question that needs to be answered. Some Valid Reasons are laid below :

🐥 There is more to LIFE than just a Career. Profession is our identity and bread winner . But how long. ???

🐥 Any Profession cannot make your life a full circle 🏵️ HAPPINESS is one’s ability to fulfill the aspirations of the family and near ones, along with your own . 🏵️ Profession can surely give you all the MEANS to gain Happiness, but it is surely not the ULTIMATE GOAL of LIFE.
🐥 Life comes only once and it has to be lived full-on. Every Professional has to visualize his Life Goals and then plan his future journey to accomplish them – with dignity and ease.

🏵️ Modes of RetirementChoose any one

❇️ 1 # Dispose your Clinic / Hospital Premises – when the best revenues are realised. 🔅 Join another busy clinic on a part-time basis, to be able to optimally utilize your skills and clinical experience. 🔸🔹🔸👍🏻✌🏻

❇️ 2 # OPTION – B, visit your clinic or hospital only in one morning session of say, three hours. 🔅 Let some junior colleague run the show in his name ( on rental terms ) in your premises, for the rest of time.

❇️ 3 # If the Doctor wishes for a TOTAL PHYSICAL DISCONNECT with all his past clientele, he has these TWO OPTIONS left ⤵️

🌿 Move to any other CITY or TOWN and enjoy life in all its colors.

🌿 He can exclusively pursue with TELE – CONSULTATIONS and there are many avenues for doing so.

Regards to all my avid readers and please respond with your comments at the earliest.

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