Top 10 most beautiful medical campuses in India




1. Campus of Kasturba Medical College

Kasturba Medical College

This college is situated on the serene locales of a small town called Manipal through which one can see the Arabian Sea. The entire campus looks green covering an area of 200 acres of open land. It is considered as one of the most magnificent campuses for making academic pursuits in the field of medical education of all times. Adding great charm to the place, weather condition is extremely fine at the campus. The entire college is constructed on a four storey building witnessing a rich culture of academic excellence. The campus provides all modern infrastructural facilities to students thus offering them one of the finest environments of learning medical education in south Asia.

2. Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Grant Medical College, Mumbai

In Mumbai, this college has several buildings of the British Era. This college is unique and beautiful and is the third oldest and the largest medical colleges in India. Even though it is located in the busy Byculla area of Mumbai, there is a sudden change in environment when a student enters the campus of this college. A strange sense of peace befalls on the student, which is considered as one of the distinct features of this medical college campus. The campus is decorated completely with bird sounds, lush greenery and offers fresh air always during dawn or dusk of the day.  

3. Gandhi Medical College (GMC), Bhopal

Gandhi Medical College

This medical college is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Where once the famous Fatehgarh fort stood, on that place, this medical college was constructed and now stands tall on the ground. The college is nearby to VIP road, which is considered as the major tourist attraction owing to its serenity and beauty of the nearby Upper Lake. Movies like Arakshan and Rajneeti were shot. One of the largest mosques in Asia looms large in front of the campus.

4. Campus of Cuddalore Mahatma Gandhi Medical College

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College

This medical college with its research institute is constructed with architectural beauty comprising massive structures located on the east coast road in Tamilnadu. The college is situated between Puducherry and Cuddalore and at Pillaiyarkuppam. The college is strategically placed on the National Highway No. NH-45A. This is very nearby to Cuddalore. Puducherry being a tourist attraction place is now an educational hub due to the presence of this famous college of medicine. Tourist attraction places closer to the college campus include French culture and architecture, overwhelming backwater scapes of sea, shopping arcades, Aurobindo Ashram, and the famous Auroville.

5. Chennai based Shri Satya Sai Medical College.

Shri Satya Sai Medical College

Sri Satya Sai Medical College and Research Institute is located in Chennai. This medical college is considered as the best medical institute for a student to pursue his or her academic career. The specialty of this campus is that it has been set up in a safe, caring and beautiful environment where the student will have great opportunity to develop his or her medical career. The natural surroundings of the campus are wonderful in the midst of green area of Mother Nature with hills forming the backdrop of the college campus. Nearby tourist attraction is Mahabalipuram on the east coast road.

6. Campus of Adichunchangiri Institute of Medical Sciences

Adichunchangiri Institute of Medical Sciences

This campus is found as one of the most beautiful places of medical education in Karnataka as well as in India. The campus is spread out on a huge stretch of green land with a grand entrance to the institute. The college functions inside a large building surrounded by green lawns. The campus has well constructed rooms with plenty of ventilation and arrangements for comfortable seating. Several plants and trees decorate the campus.

7. Mangalore based Father Muller Medical College

Father Muller Medical College

This medical college is established in a calm atmosphere and is located in the beautiful city of Mangalore, Karnataka. The campus has a coverage area of 40 acres of land with greenery and trees. The college is provided with the most modern equipments and facilities offering students state of the art medical education. The campus has two chapels out of which one is hospital chapel and the other is St. Joseph chapel.

8. Campus of New Delhi All India Institute Of Medical Sciences

Known by its popular name AIIMS, this is a premier medical college and research institute providing all aspects of healthcare. The institute has a beautiful campus with green lawns and trees planted all around the institute.

9. Christian Medical College, Vellore

Being the oldest Christian medical college in India, this college campus offers a beautiful and healthy atmosphere to patients care.

10. Campus of Pune Armed Forces Medical College

Armed Forces Medical College

This is one of the prestigious medical colleges for preparing doctors to serve in the country’s armed forces. The campus is placed in a well established and beautiful place near Pune. The entire campus provides a serene atmosphere to students who can pursue their medical education involving both undergraduate as well as post graduate medical courses.

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