Doctor patient relationship

Doctor patient relationship can be seen as in various forms
You may be a father figure, authoritarian, healer, godly man, friend, commercial relations only.
Our own counter transferances play a lot of role in developing and maintaining these relationships.
You can not have same kind of relationship with all the patients.
Relationship with the same patient undergo change from good to bad or vice versa.
How your patients see this bond.
A patient who sees you as a mere dispenser of treatment, comes to you in मजबूरी, as law of land doesn’t allow him to get drugs without paying your fee, he would never listen to you. You may spend hours together to psychoeducate him but of no use.
Person who sees you as his healer will listen to you but with his(pt’s) beliefs, whims and fancies interfering with your advice.
So his treatment may get prolonged but likely to follow.
Similarly if you go up the ladder probability go on improving.
But yes exception are there some more close pts behave like kids, would most of the time ask for favours in terms of continuation of opiate substitutes or whatever you prescribe.
To conclude we can not keep all the pts in one basket.
That is where tailoring of treatment as per individual needs comes into picture using your experience, clinical sense and of course taking care of interpersonal psychodynamic forces.

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