World Anaesthesia Day.(W.A.D)

World Anaesthesia Day.(W.A.D)

16th October is celebrated all over as W.A.D to mark the first successful demonstration of anaesthesia by WTG Morton at ETHER DOME,M G Hospital in Boston,USA.
This event is truly extraordinary, an example that aligns with definition of Quality and rightly the right person doing the right thing in right way to get the right result.None can dare to do what WTG Morton did those days.

Time flies and the speciality of anaesthesia has progressed to be an indespensible part in any modern hospital or most healthcare plan that involve surgery,critical care or pain management.
From gas man to pain specialist, critical care provider,difficult airway or vascular access provider to finally a perioperative physician who works in a holistic manner like their counter parts using cutting edge technology,knowledge and skills the anaesthetist is finally a Rambo who is used to multitasking as a matter of routine .
At the drop of a hat any patient can be managed to restore the altered physiology and save life.When appropriately trained,an anaesthetist is a look alike of radiologist,cardiologist,nephrologist ,endocrinologist ,internist,psychiatrist etc in some way in the operation theater.

When a lie is spoken too frequently it starts getting accepted as truth and similarly the speciality of anaesthesia is being perceived as a dependant branch and the anaesthetist as dependent although the fact is that it is other way round and now we live in an era of interdependence and cooperation for better patient care and safety out of seamless team work in operation theater.

Come what may,as an anaesthetist we strive to uphold patient interest always.

W.A.D is an opportunity to look back into the history and take corrective action for better future and leaving a better legacy for the future generation unlike our ancestors who sold themselves for peanuts.
For a better future,we need to constantly upgrade,reorganise and restrategise .We need to look after ourself and become excelent team players.
May god bless the anaesthetists and the future torch bearers of the speciality with all the knowledge ,skills and business accumen to carry the speciality to greater heights.

Happy World Anaesthesia Day.

Let the slogan be
Safe Anaestheisia,
Safe Surgery,
Safe patient,
Safe hospital and Safe Anaesthetist.

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