RAISING a child is sacred…..

GENETICS (Inherited genetic sequence or DNA) is as important as EPIGENETICS (our socio-cultural milieu) is….

Recent studies in monkey twins, with advanced mapping of chemical marks (called methylation marks) of identical DNA sequences of both siblings showed interesting results….

The infant-monkey who was cuddled, licked and groomed cozily by the mother-monkey was less aggressive and more accepting socially and the one who was kept separated from mother became aggressive, sexually promiscuous and alcoholic…..

The methylation marks of both the baby-monkeys showed a difference, although the gene sequences were the same…..

Such experiments, of socio-cultural factors (EPIGENETICS) influencing the genetic sequences or expression of genes of similar sequence and stock, in humans, are not possible, but the NATURE DOES it, nevertheless…..

De-programming, Re-programming, and future-programming of GENES is thus possible with socio-cultural influences (EPIGENETICS)….

We inherit our DNA from our ancestors….
Evolution has selected this to allow our fixed, old DNA to function in a dynamic way in new environments, with this unique feature of re, de or future programming…..

DNA can be understood as a combination of two components (two layers of information), one layer of information, which is old and fixed from millions of years of evolution, and the second one (epigenetic layer), which is open and dynamic…..
This second layer being interactive, possibly allows us to control, to a large extent, RAISING OUR CHILDREN, GeNext and our destiny…..

The challenges of the environment, socio-cultural milieu, natural disasters, availability, scarcity or abundance of food, relational stress/anxiety in the unitary families, and insecurity of life, all influence the RAISING of a CHILD…..

Humbledoc sacred RAISING of a CHILD comes to us all, and so much we fritter away in trivialities…..

Stress, lifestyle diseases, autoimmune diseases, autism and many cancers have roots in the epigenetics (our rearing/raising)….

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