Geeta saar

It took me 4 months to finish reading Bhagawad Gita but you can learn all of it in 2 mins. 

Here are the chapter-wise takeaways:

Chapter 1: Negative mindset is the problem. 

Arjuna was overpowered by his attachment to his kith and kin. The problem was his wrong thinking and he ended up making false judgements.

Chapter 2: Right knowledge is the solution to most of our problems 

Arjuna surrenders to Krishna after he realised that all of his problems were due to ignorance and that the right knowledge can solve all of his problems.

Chapter 3: Selflessness is the only key to progress

Karmayoga is a selfless service. A karma yogi is someone who is not concerned about the result and is free from the attachments of the world.

Chapter 4: Every act can be made an act of prayer 

A person who follows a lord and his teachings become liberated.

Chapter 5: Renounce ego and stay in bliss 

A true karmayogi dedicates all his actions to the lord without thinking about the result. This is how one develops self-control, renounces ego and stays in bliss.

Chapter 6: Connect to the higher consciousness

Meditation is the key to transforming the extrovert mind into a contemplative mind and connecting with your true self. 

This leads to a peaceful and detached life.

Chapter 7: Live what you learn 

Meditation helps you discover “who you are”. 

One who truly surrenders to God and worships with his attributes discovers his true self.

Chapter 8: Never give up on yourself 

The rewards you receive at the end are always worth the wait. So don’t give up and keep being committed to your goals.

Chapter 9: Value your blessings 

Always count your blessings and be grateful for what you have achieved so far. 
Comparison is the ultimate enemy of your happiness.

Chapter 10: See divinity 

Meditation helps you unlock the miracles of life. The entire universe is the divine manifestation of god.

Chapter 11: See the truth as it is

You are everything and everything is in you. 
Once you understand this, you’ll understand the truth.

Chapter 12: Absorb your mind 

Once you understand that the divine loves you, you cannot but fall in love with the divine. 
Absorb your mind in the higher.

Chapter 13: Detach from materialistic things 

Materialistic things are nothing but a waste of energy and time. It won’t get you anywhere near your growth or goals.

Chapter 14: Live a lifestyle that matches your vision 

Identify yourself as self, not as a body. 
This is when you see the true you and find your vision. Live a lifestyle that aligns with it.

Chapter 15: Prioritise divinity 

Always prioritise the divine. The first step is to develop detachment, pride, and sorrow and be free from worldly pursuits. 
Just keep giving.

Chapter 16: Being good is a reward in itself 

Krishna discusses the importance of virtues over vices in this chapter. 
Have patience, truth, a sense of control, humility over ego, greed, slander, and attachment.

Chapter 17: Choose right over pleasant

You can have the power of choosing right over the pleasant by acquiring knowledge and living life as a Satvic.

Chapter 18: Let go 

Renunciation doesn’t mean abandoning real life or living with indifference to the world. It simply means living as a Karma yogi and letting go of all the things that hold you back and moving forward.

To know the top 10 lessons of the Bhagawad Gita, read this:

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