Vaccines and Viral Mutations

The viral video on vaccine that is circulating on the social media

I reviewed the video after I received it from multiple sources.

I call it sensational content, sensational because it provokes the animal within us and makes us drop the rationality of reasoning. It happens to almost all of us unless we ignore it and look the other way. Both situations are not good. The best option is to evaluate the science (and obviously the logic) behind the events.

Let’s do that –

First, the screen within the screen seemed as if I was watching a ‘Hindi movie fight scene’ in the backdrop of the narration from the news reader. Later, a bald man came up and said something I could not make out. This bald man was in a home setting, unlike the official media information release. We don’t know who this officer is or if he is a designated spokesperson, why he is talking in the home setting, and if he is doing so, is it reliable. (@CovidRxExchange).

Let us visit the nature of the virus (before considering the development of the vaccine).

This virus has faulty RDRP (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase), an enzyme that helps transcribe the genetic code. The RDRP enzyme is faulty and makes mistakes to override the fidelity of the genetic code. Thus, genetic errors are naturally introduced (that we call mutations). The speed of introduction of such mutations is so fast that the virus keeps changing its code every few weeks. Some of these mutations are deleterious to the virus, whereas others help the survival of the virus. Highly deleterious mutations are lethal to the virus and are rapidly purged; most mutations are either neutral or mildly deleterious. These mutations develop across the entire genome, giving rise to a constellation (aka a set) of genomes called variants. (@CovidRxExchange)

Thus are born ‘Variants of Interests’ and ‘Variants of Concern.’ Some allow the virus to escape the human immune defense mechanism, while others help invoke a significant inflammatory reaction within its hosts—the latter results in morbidity and sometimes mortality.

On the vaccines:

Older methodology relied upon refined techniques Jenner used in his formative experiences. In this case, the entire set of epitopes (an epitope is an immune-provoking protein) is used to develop immunity. This process of using the entire gamut of epitopes to develop the vaccine is cumbersome, time-consuming, and beset with several pitfalls. Summarily, today it is considered a crude way of developing a vaccine. Different platforms are deployed for the development of the vaccine. Adenovirus and mRNA are highly leveraged platforms. The natural target is the Spike Protein, as it serves the access to the cell by attaching to the ACE2 receptor. (@CovidRxExchange).

On the development of the vaccine:

As we realized the entry mechanism of the virus, we targeted and employed that for the development of the vaccine. The virus uses the receptor binding domain on the Human ACE 2 receptors to latch on the human cells to enter inside the cell. This attachment to the ACE2 receptor occurs via the viral ‘Spike Protein,’ called SP. Once inside, it uses the human genetic machinery to replicate and develop its progeny. (@CovidRxExchange).

Thus, it is imperative to either use a weakened virus to mimic the complete virus or use a piece of the genome (mRNA) that would mimic the original virus or inject an inactivated virus via another viral infection. Remember, the target is the Spike Protein of the virus.

  1. Adenoviral vector vaccine (Covishield, Jensen vaccine)
  2. mRNA vaccines (Pfizer BionTech or Moderna)
  3. Whole Genome inactivated vaccine (Covaxin)

Vaccines and Viral Mutations

Vaccines are not stopping viral mutations. The virus is exploring alternate options to survive. Bypassing vaccine conferred immune protection; increased infectivity are a few naturally adopted mechanisms for the survival of the virus.

Viral mutations are occurring so fast that humanity lacks the preparedness to develop vaccines in real time. Thus, it is the mutability of the virus that renders our vaccines and (antibody) drugs ineffective. (@CovidRxExchange).,

Remember, any drug, even a simple Vitamin supplement, in overdose, will have adverse effects. Vaccines, too, trigger immune reactions, and often these are inconsequential and occasionally accompanied by complications.

Failure of vaccines and drugs

Despite the rigorous FDA approval processes, the vaccines are rendered ineffective. It is because of the mutability of the virus that these vaccines and drugs are failing. The inherent mechanism of mutation within the virus renders our vaccines ineffective because the mutations have changed the genomic structure. The vaccine developed was against the old genomic structure.

Kind regards

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(CovidRxExchange is a Global Nonprofit Organization registered with the US Govt. Exempt under IRS code 501 C (3). With over 60 plus initiatives since March 2020, we have been relentlessly working to disseminate expertise and insight into the medical care of Covid).

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