What is RTH (Right to Health) bill which was passed today in rajsthan ?

What is RTH (Right to Health) bill which was passed today in rajsthan ?

1) any patient can walk in any hospital if he/she has any emergency, hospital has to admit and treat him/her without taking any payment (emergency is not describred so practically any patient can walk in and say I have emergency please treat me)

2) Hospitals can not ask any patient to deposit any money beforehand in any case.

3) If a hospital is not being able to treat any patient, and wants to refer that patient, hospital has to provide transfer (ambulance) without charging a penny.

4) A local committee will be appointed for each hospital which will look after all the proceeding and which will have the power to practically suspend a hospital.

So practically a patient can walk in with pain in the abdomen
To a general hospital and they will have to investigate, treat that patient free of cost .

And if that same patient with pain abdomen walks in a orthopedic hospital and obviously as that hospital can not provide any treatment, it has to provide free of cost ambulance

And if that patient complains against the hospital, the committee can suspend the hospital.

Needless to say that committee will have local leaders (councillors/MLAs) as members , so any local councillor can call the hospital and order to look after his/her patient otherwise he/she will have power to suspend that hospital.
So it will increase hooliganism.

This bill will increase hooliganism
This bill will increase rift between patients and doctors
Doctors will look to evade these kind of patients, rather treating them as obviously no hospital can pay from their own pockets.

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