An appeal

I wish the Khalistanis knew this.
1.We Indian Sikhs understand your anger with India. We Indian Sikhs too feel the same pain of 1984 and Bluestar; but we don’t blame the whole of India for it. It was the act of Indira Gandhi and her son, Rajiv Gandhi that gave us this deep…

wound. We are also aware that lack of justice is a pain that digs deep inside and it pains us too.
2.India is not devoid of social ills and casteist/ communal divisions; but the point is that it overcomes them and largely sustains one of the most pluralistic society anywhere..

across the world. India is not perfect; but it will overcome and sustain, as it has over time.
3.Till 80s, Punjab was undeniably the most successful state. It was the hub of engineering and was developing into a automobile hub…

The terrorism of 80s (which Khalistanis call Militancy) pushed out Maruti, which had earmarked a land near Ludhiana for its plant. Many such major industrial projects were pushed out, e.g., Hero Group which owes its emergence to Ludhiana now has plants in Haryana and Rajasthan…

There are no major automobile plants in Punjab now, which is a major cluster developer. Auto-mobile hubs were coming up near Nabha or Patiala but were stopped in their tracks during the 80s. The SSI industry of Batala producing world class lathes never emerged into an Engineering

Hub. The steel industry of Mandi Gobindgarh, once known as the Steel City are almost all shut-down. Even the bicycle industry in which Punjab is a leader has saturated in Punjab and new plants are coming up in Tamilnadu.All this economic downturn is due to
terrorism that you..

Khalistanis created; so many leading Hindu entrepreneurs left Punjab then due to the fear of terrorists. Another round of militancy will ruin Punjab forever. 4.Terrorism of 80s might have started as an ideological war, but it later degenerated into a web of extortion, killings..

killings and harassment of Hindus and even of Sikhs that did not agree with their way of thinking. The ‘Sarbat da Bhala’ (Benefit of all humans) concept was buried. Hindus were scared by the Khalistanis.

5.You blame all Hindu-Killings in buses and Transistor Bombs on Indian agencies, which was certainly not the case. Communal killings were done, and that is a fact. Who did it is the question. You blame Indian agencies, Indian agencies blame ISI and Khalistanis.

The truth lies in between. But the incontrovertible fact is that people got killed and another conflict would result in more killings. Moreover ,Khadkus (terrorists) were no angels; they played into the hands of India’s arch enemies, Pakistan; and Pakistani ISI agents with fluent

command of Punjabi entered and infiltrated the Khalistani gangs to do those things. Since all arms and training was given by Pakistan; the Khalistanis had to follow the orders of their Pakistani handlers.6.India as a society, and successive Indian governments have not displayed

any systematic antipathy to Sikhs; rather it is evident that 1984 was an aberration in India’s journey as a nation; being a Sikh is not a barrier for selection, promotions either in the government sector or the private sector. We Indian Sikhs are present everywhere,

leading teams across government and corporate sector; and a monumentally large percentage of Indians have no antipathy for us. For one case of General Shabeg Singh who took out his personal grievance to heart; there are tens of Sikhs who have risen to the post of General.

Since 1984, India has had a Sikh Prime-Minister; has had several Generals, Air-chiefs, Admirals,Chief Election Commissioner, heads of CBI, Chief Justices et. al. Sikhs have wide presence in the public administration, defence and business community. Sikh poets, singers and actors

have thrived across India.
7.Though Guru Gobind Singh’s or the other Guru’s vision was not limited to India; their vision was certainly not restricted to the geographical boundaries of Punjab. Guru Gobind Singh was born in Patna,

, spent a lot of time in Himachal and Karnataka; allied with Rajasthanis, also played a role in Mughal campaigns to the South. It is clear that his vision was not limited to Punjab. Why do you want to limit us Sikhs to the Punjab, while our Guru did not! With his choice of ..

disciples from five different corners of India, Gobind Rai manifested his vision from the coast of Gujarat along Western Arabian Sea to coasts of Odisha along the Bay of Bengal; from the great Plains of Punjab to the the Gangetic Plain and then to the Deccan peninsula covering

Karnataka. The first Panj Pyaras were from across India
a.A shopkeeper Baniya called Daya Ram from Lahore
b.A farmer Jat called Dharam Das from Meerut
c.A so called low-caste water carrier called Himmat Rai from Puri, Odisha
d.A tailor of Cheemba caste called Mukham Chand .

from Dwarka, Gujarat
e.A barber of Naai caste called Sahib Chand from Bidar, Karnataka
8.Our Baanis (Sikh scriptures) are not just in Punjabi. We Sikhs have equal claim over the heritage of these languages. Do not try to limit our Sikhi to Punjabi. Even if I study Sanskrit,

I am studying the language of my Gurus.a.The languages used in the Siri Guru Granth sahib Ji are:
a. Panjabi – Sikh Gurus , Bhagat (saint) Sheikh Farid and others
b. Sindhi – Guru Arjan
c. Sanskrit – Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan and others

d. Influence of Arabic and Persian – Bhagat Namdev
e. Western Panjabi/Lehndi – Guru Arjan
f. Gujrati and Marathi – Bhagat Namdev and Trilochan
g. Western Hindi – Bhagat Kabir
h. Eastern Hindi – Court poets
i. Eastern Apabhramas – Bhagat Jaidev

b.The languages used in the Dasam Granth are:
a. Braj
b. Hindi
c. Panjabi
d. Persian
9.Guns for Khalistani conflict will only be provided by Pakistan; if you trust Pakistan; you are living in a fool’s paradise. Have you forgotten what the Ghazis did after an oath on the Quran

at Anandpur Sahib?Do not play into the hands of soft propaganda of Pakistan who is fomenting trouble through wilful misinterpretation of our history. Don’t trust them, because the Pakistani state is hell-bent on implementing the Ghazwa E Hind and are just using you for fodder,

akin to the false promises of Anandpur Sahib. Please note here that I am not blaming all Muslims of either India or Pakistan. Most Pakistanis are peace loving Punjabis and we do feel a bond of Punjabiyat with them. Awwal Allah Noor Upaya, Kudrat ke sab bande

(loosely meaning that all religions have emerged from the same source of light).10.In History, while you harp on the wars of Sikhs with some Hindu Rajas of the Hills; you forget that Sikhs had multiple alliances with Jat kingdoms of Bharatpur-Deeg; with Marathas several times..

; with Rajputana as well. So, when you magnify some conflicts for propaganda against Hindus, you forget the political undertone of those conflicts.11.Since most of Khalistani movement is supported by NRIs from Canada (Kaneda) and UK; please be reminded that the Whites (Goras)

started pluralism and human rights just 70 years ago after centuries of slavery and mass subjugation of other races; hope you sustain your lives well there; but please leave us to our problems; we have adequate capacity to handle our own problems. If ever there is a racist

problem in your countries; it is only India that will come to your support; it will be India’s Prime Minister or President that will still stand for your rights.12.Some Sikhs living in India too are Khalistani sympathisers, to them I say, please do not look at the negativity.

Look at so much positivity we see everyday amongst us in India. We are just 1.4% of the population; and in our entire lives, we only meet two or three people in our life-times who are antipathic towards us due to our religion. It is normal. In other countries, casteism exists..

in the form of racism, humanity is all like that. Even some of us might be communally inclined. So, see the blessings of India; negativity and victim-mentality does not behove the concept of Sikhi. We are Sawa Lakkh; and most of the people know that and respect that.

13.At present India has a rightist government supported by RSS. Do remember that
a.RSS is not against Sikhs; it rather propagates that Sikhs are their brothers. The major point of difference is that they propagate Sikhs as a part of the larger Hindu brotherhood;

and they think of Guru Gobind Singh and all Sikh Gurus as a sect of Hindus and a protector of Hindus. We however differ from them and see Sikhism as a distinct thought. In time, narrative of Sikhs after Bhai Kahn Singh’s book clearly dileneates Sikhism as a separate religion.

I dispute RSS’s interpretation of it; but I feel that they are not enemies of Sikhism. Their main dispute is with Abrahamanic religions; and that is another debate.
14.India’s constitution is secular. No, your reading of article 25 is misleading.
a. Read 25 (2) (b)closely again

– the article extends the provisions regarding Hindu religious institions to Sikh religious institutions. It specifically mentions “Sikh Religion” as a term TWICE. 25 (b) is more about extending some Hindu provisions to Sikh, Buddhist and Jaina ‘Religions’.. the word Religion

is again mentioned herein.
b.India has a special marriage act for Sikhs called the Anand Marriage Act; which accords it status of a special religion.
c.Hindu Marriage Act provides for laws related to marriages of Hindus but extends the provisions to ‘Sikhs by religion’.

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