The Neurobic

Alzheimer’s causes the person to lose memory and can no longer have feelings of pleasure and joy, nor control of their own organs. The patient loses Consciousness about his actions and his own Identity, because he will no longer be able to recognise himself, his friends and family and not even his own children.

Alzheimer’s can be prevented, with the simple fact of changing hands when brushing teeth.

By changing some routines, the stimulation of the right brain is forced. This is a new technique to improve concentration, develop creativity and intelligence, by performing these simple Neurobics exercises.

A discovery within “Neuroscience” reveals that the brain has an extraordinary ability to grow and change the pattern of its connections.

Neurobics or “Neuron Aerobics” is a new form of brain exercise, designed to keep the brain agile and healthy, creating new and different brain patterns, behavior and the activities of neurons in your brain.

Nearly 80% of our daily life is occupied by routines, which despite having the advantage of reducing intellectual effort, hide a perverse effect: they limit and atrophy the brain, not allowing the renewal and growth of its neurons.

To counteract this tendency, it is necessary to practice some “brain exercises”, which make the person think only about what they are doing, concentrating on that task, doing everything contrary to routine, forcing the brain to do additional work.

Some exercises to develop Neurobics:

  • Wear the watch on the opposite wrist than you normally wear it.
  • Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.
  • Walk around the house, walking backwards (in China this routine is practiced in parks).
  • Dress with your eyes closed.
  • Stimulate the palate with things of different flavors.
  • View photos, upside down.
  • Look at the time, in the mirror.
  • Change the routine path to go from, and return to, home.

The idea is, to do a few things differently, so that you exercise the other side of your brain (the right one),

Well worth a try!

How about you start practicing right now and sending this message to your friends?


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