Covid-19 virus and liver injury

Covid-19 virus has high tropism (attraction) to the liver and biliary system, BUT does not cause direct liver injury or liver failure

  1. Liver test abnormalities are common in severe and critical Covid-19 but are not directly due to the virus, but severity of Covid-19, part of multiple organ dysfunction and due to various drugs used in treatment
  2. Alcohol-associated liver disease is an independent risk factor for worse clinical outcomes in Covid-19, but not non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  3. The presence of liver fat percentage 10% and above was associated with higher disease severity, independent of obesity.
  4. Chronic liver disease or cirrhosis does not increase risk of infection, but once infected, depending on the severe stage of cirrhosis, the Covid-19 outcomes can be worse – i.e., patients with stable liver disease who become unstable (acute decompensation) or those who develop liver failure (called ACLF) have poor outcomes (death/liver transplantation)
  5. Patients with liver cancer have bad outcomes with Covid-19 infection
  6. There is no long-Covid involvement of the liver in those with chronic liver disease who survive mild or severe Covid-19 infection
  7. Covid-19 vaccination prevents severe disease and also progression of pre-existing liver disease and is safe and effective in preventing death in those with underlying liver disease.

Read more here (needs University/Hospital or personal subscription):
“Investigating the correlation between COVID-19 and the progression of chronic liver disease:”…

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