Ayurveda practitioners

The apex court in India, the Supreme Court (SC), ruled that Ayurveda practitioners do not perform equivalent work and so cannot have equal pay compared to MBBS(medical science) doctors.

It took a verdict from the honorable SC for people to understand the difference between medical science and pseudoscience.

Apart from the pointed differences shown in court as per the Table below, there are far more important differences that should make a pseudoscience like Ayurveda and a quackery like Homepathy be cast into oblivion.

-Ayush practitioners cannot diagnose a disease and hence cannot treat properly. E.g., Ayurveda treats imbalance of Vata/Pitta/Kapha, unmeasurable obsolete and imaginary pathologies without proof of existence.
-Homeopaths treat vital force which no human has ever confirmed, seen or measured, with nothing and sometimes alcohol.
-Yoga claims to align Chakras for improving health/wellness which can be seen only with a third eye. Humans unfortunately do not have a third eye.

Ayurveda (BAMS), Homeopathy (BHMS), Siddha (BSMS) and Naturopathy (BYNS) are TAUGHT in India as professional courses, wasting 5 years of student life and productive human years.

Ultimately, those who complete this course end up doing any or a combination of the following:

  1. Prescribe modern medicine illegally
  2. Add modern medicine to their drugs unethically.
  3. Open an Instagram account and talk BS such as Yoga cures PCOS, turmeric prevents cancer or eating fish+milk will kill you, gain brainded followers and monetize.
  4. Open a supplements company and sell Ashwaganda to gym bros or Ayurvedic natural oils for penile erections.
  5. Advertise unscientific practices in visual, print and social media to gain mislead patients and scam them off their money.
  6. Promote science-denialism or inculcate chemophobia among general people and patients and grab them away from real healthcare, wasting resources, increasing health burden (herbal liver injuries) and increasing morbidity/mortality.
  7. Make a Twitter account and troll/harass/abuse real doctors.

All the above are IMPORTANT points that should inform parents not to send their children to study Ayush as a career option or students to not opt for Ayush as a career option. Look at it realistically. You spend so much, waste 5 years and more, study bullshit such as seizures are caused by demons and cockroach parts dissolved in alcohol cures cough, and get paid peanuts.
Why subject yourself to this torture?

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