Cirrhosis is reversible

Myth: Cirrhosis is irreversible.
Fact: Cirrhosis is reversible and structural changes can regress

Alcohol-related chronic liver disease (CLD) can reverse with alcohol abstinence

Hepatitis B-related CLD can reverse with antiviral therapy (drug of choice: tenofovir alfenamide)

Hepatitis C-related CLD can reverse with direct-acting antiviral therapy (…)

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-related CLD can reverse with control of metabolic disorder (diabetes, low functioning thyroid, high blood pressure, high lipids), WEIGHT LOSS, aerobic exercises and stopping even the non-significant alcohol use

Autoimmune hepatitis-related CLD can be reversed with immunosuppression therapy (steroids/azathioprine/mycophenolate)

If anyone tell you cirrhosis is irreversible, they are wrong and you need more positivity in life

Unstable forms of cirrhosis, i.e (decompensation) advanced cirrhosis with persistent or recurrent complications associated with high liver pressures (portal hypertension) or liver failure (jaundice with brain failure) can undergo “recompensation,” i.e., the stages within cirrhosis can be modified and patients can settle at a lower, stable cirrhosis stage for many years. Others, who do not recompensate, needs liver transplantation, a positive decision to prolong survival in patients with advanced cirrhosis. Choosing liver transplantation is A POSITIVE DECISION, never a negative one.

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