AI is coming for the doctors

AI is coming for the doctors! 😧

A new breakout study compared ChatGPT vs. physician responses to patient questions.

The results were insane.

Here’s how AI is about to revolutionize health care:

Overall, patients preferred the chatbot over the physician 79% of the time.

From the study: “The chatbot responses were preferred over physician responses and rated significantly higher for both quality and empathy.”

Notably, 4 questions received a 100% preference for the chatbot over the physician.

It’s clear to see the overall quality and empathy improvement in ChatGPT’s answer.

Here’s an example question from the study that favored the physician.

Patients preferred brief and to-the-point response to this question.

As AI continues to improve, the current number of 79% will continue to creep closer to 100%.

Some potential implications:
-Health guidance available 24/7
-Quicker results
-Increased availability of healthcare in rural areas
-Decreased workload for healthcare systems.

Limitations to the study exist.

This includes using an online forum for questions.

However, the potential implications of this are already vast.

ChatGPT has only been out for 5 months. One can only imagine where we’ll be in a couple of years.

If you want to test AI vs. physician for yourself, here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Just ask ChatGPT
  2. Try Glass AI by Glass Health
  3. Try Martin Shkreli’s Dr. Gupta, powered by GPT-4 (love him or hate him, the product works well)
  • Rowan Cheung

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