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seizure with fever

What are seizures? During a seizure (convulsion), a child may become unconscious and fall, the eyes may roll backward, the body may stiffen, and the arms and legs may jerk. Most seizures last less than 5 minutes. Seizures that are not caused by a fever occur in 1 out of every 250 children. If they […]


What is a seizure? A seizure is a symptom, not a disease. It happens when nerve cells in the brain don’t work right and there is a sudden abnormal electrical signal in the brain. The seizure can cause strange sensations and behavior. Sometimes it causes muscle spasms and a change in or loss of consciousness. […]


What is an EEG? An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a test that records the electrical activity of your child’s brain. (The nerve cells in your child’s brain work by carrying tiny electrical charges.) When is it used? An EEG can help your child’s healthcare provider diagnose medical problems such as: epilepsy sleep apnea or other sleep […]

stroke prevention

What is a stroke? A stroke is damage to part of the brain when its blood supply is suddenly reduced or stopped. A stroke causes a loss of function, sometimes permanently, in the part of the body that is controlled by the damaged part of the brain. Only 1 in 3 stroke victims recover completely. […]