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Depression and/or Bipolar Disorder: Books Ages 4 to 9 Brandon and the Bipolar Bear: A Story for Children with Bipolar Disorder; by Tracy Anglada; 2004 Matt the Moody Hermit Crab; by Caroline McGee; Soulwave Publishing, 2002 Please Don’t Cry, Mom; by Helen DenBoer, Janice Galanter Goldstein (illustrator); Carolrhoda, 1994 (for a child whose parent is […]


What are triglycerides? Triglycerides are a type of lipid (fat). Your body gets triglycerides from fats in the food you eat. When your body digests food, fats in the food change to triglycerides. Your liver also makes triglycerides. Your blood carries triglycerides to all parts of the body to be used as energy or stored […]

What is self-control?

What is self-control? deemagclinic…Self-control includes being in control of behaviors, feelings, and desires, instead of acting on impulse. A child with self-control takes time to think of choices and possible results, and then makes the best choice. Why is it important? Impulsive, out-of-control behavior such as running into a busy street can place your child […]