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What is progressive dementia?

What is progressive dementia? Progressive dementia is the gradual loss of mental functions such as the ability to think, reason, remember, and plan. Dementia is caused by damaged brain cells. A stroke, brain tumor, head injury, or disease, such as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease, can damage brain cells. Dementia is more common in older adults. […]

bullying -when your child is the victim

What is bullying? Children who bully act aggressively toward others. The aggressive acts can be physical, sexual, or verbal. Those targeted are called victims. Physical bullies may hit, pinch, kick, shove, bite, or pull a victim’s hair. Verbal bullies may insult, start or spread rumors, tease, and make threats. Sexual bullies may make sexual comments […]

anger and irritability

Anger rocks Irritability sucks ! Harish Shetty Anger is a feeling and irritability is a state. Sustained anger is irritability. Sustained irritability is dangerous. Many a times the person who is irritable is hardly aware of it. Needless to say that the BIG I leads to heart ailments,diabetes, psychosomatic illnesses and lowering one’s immunity. A […]