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Infantile spasms (salaam seizures)

Infantile spasms (salaam seizures) are seizures characterized by sudden flexion of the arms, forward flexion of the trunk, extension of the legs, and hypsarrhythmia on EEG. Infantile spasms last a few seconds and can recur many times a day. They usually manifest in children < 1 yr; peak incidence is 2 to 3 yr. Seizures […]


Language: English Spanish What is calcium? Calcium is a mineral that is very important for: bone health teeth nerves muscles blood clotting. If you do not get enough calcium in your diet you may be at risk for losing calcium from your bones, making them thinner and weaker. This condition is called osteoporosis. How much […]

“committing professional suicide

British psychiatrist and Big Pharma gadfly David Healy is so controversial amongst his colleagues that some have tried to have his medical license revoked — but there he was on Thursday, speaking at the American Psychiatric Association’s second largest annual meeting at a well-attended session on conflicts of interest. “It’s a miracle that I was […]