The Union Cabinet Minister of Women Welfare & Child Development has asked the Union Health Ministry to make it mandatory for hospitals to display the number of caesarian deliveries being conducted with a perceived idea in public that Obstetricians perform caesarian sections unnecessarily as they don’t have enough time to monitor a pregnant woman during delivery so it is an easy step which saves time and engagement at hospital than normal vaginal or assisted delivery by forceps or vacuum. Secondly, if in private practice at big corporate or mediocre hospitals or own private nursing home. Caesarian Section yields more money besides being a safe procedure for Mother and child and saving time and engagement of Obstetrician.But Government for public appeasement and making headlines in Media do not like it. So, therefore all government hospitals were asked to submit data as how much caesarian sections are being conducted compare to total deliveries, even District Chief Medical Officer has been asked to submit a report from different private hospitals too. In simple in both sectors government want to gag and direct Gynaecologist not to perform caesarian sections and to conduct normal deliveries as far as possible otherwise Government may take stern actions against Gynaecologist and hospital. But the government has totally ignored doctor-patient relationship where most time doctor always wants to benefit the patient ignoring charge of haste or excessive money. Now a days, TV, newspaper and social media is full of news almost daily, where any mishappening or injury to child or mother during delivery may bring any mob to hurt the doctor or damage hospital property or a consumer or even criminal case is pursued against doctor and hospital demanding cancellation of Registration of both. So, most Obstetrcian wants more defensive to caesarian delivery without taking any risk to child or mother by assisted vaginal delivery as many study both in India and developed countries like USA and UK have indicated that these deliveries are more lethal to baby and mother if compare a long term statistics. Like our government now, in 2014, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists encouraged increased use of vaginal delivery even using forceps and vacuum delivery to reduce rates of deliveries by caesarian section. But on their result, a new study reports that compared to caesarian section deliveries, normal vaginal deliveries with forceps and vacuum may cause greater trauma to mothers and babies. Circumstances like foetal distress during labour makes it imperative for forceps and vacuum use as they have the potential to save lives, as these methods save time compared with a C-section delivery. However, babies delivered through midpelvic operative deliveries had 80 percent higher rates of severe complications. Mothers faced ten time more severe birth trauma due to tear and blood loss. These complications usually involve birth traumas, as well as maternal complications such as severe postpartum haemorrhage, and obstetric trauma such as tearing, the study opined. Researchers feel that women should be informed of the harms as well as their consent should be taken when such surgical and medical interventions are to be carried out. Besides both these procedures need much experience and expertise training in Obstetrics as these procedures are almost very much needed to conduct normal deliveries to avoid caesarian sections and in unexperienced centres as mostly in Indian setup where even trained MBBS doctors are not available to conduct deliveries what to talk of Trained Obstetricians and most deliveries are even conducted by Midwifery Nurse at PHC or subcentres or at home by local Dai, such deliveries will raise both maternal and infant morbidity and mortality Therefore our government should read all such studies and also think many times to pass gag orders to doctors to do this or to write this in a very complicated field of health where a small decision to change the mode of therapy under any pressure on treating doctor may bring forth any damage to patient beside submitting doctor to an anger mob of relatives, NGOs, police, administrators, media beside consumer, criminal court and complain to state or central MCI to cancer doctor’s registration as politicians, police/administration and media are always against doctor for any mishappening and want to book doctors on all above fronts. Most important hypocrisy in this regard is not the attitude of politicians, bureaucrats or media towards doctors but of those colleague doctors who are in Ministry of Health of Central or State government, District or Block Administration, State or Central MCI that they even donot keep real facts before their administrative masters to save their post and position. 

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