Ayur allo pathy

It is a common pattern all over India particularly in Delhi NCR and in all metro and big cities and town of India. Big or mediocre or small private hospital although run by very renowned educated leader doctors usually employ Ayush Doctors after passing BAMS, BUMS, BHMS or RMPs. They are the care providers. Most of these doctors work in an emergency, in wards, OT and ICU and even perform surgeries and other procedures besides writing medicines and monitoring patients from Allopathic and Modern Medicine of which they had no education except training under some doctors in some Allopathic Modern Medicine Hospitals. On the lines of the MCI Code of Ethics Regulation 1.7, the IMA encourages IMA members to lodge complaints against other members who associate with AYUSH. IMA and all its branches will adopt a rule that those who stand up for election to IMA posts or are nominated to medical council posts by IMA shall give a written declaration saying that, “I know and agree that associating with AYUSH in any manner whatsoever is against the policy of IMA and I hereby declare that I do not associate with AYUSH in any manner whatsoever and shall not do so in future also and I know that such association shall lead to my immediate suspension from the post concerned.’ But such notice and promise has no say if money is concerned and before money every ethics is forgotten as most hospitals, nursing homes openly employ AYUSH doctors as they are paid hardly less than Rs.10000/- pm and many also work free to get an illegal training which does not help in getting Government job but help them getting job in such hospitals or practice modern medicine as quick. Otherwise, if an MBBS doctor as junior resident employed then he requires a salary of Rs.40 to 50 thousand pm. Beside this big hospitals in name of DNB courses or some private courses as a specialty in emergency medicine, ICU care, diabetic study where they earn by courses fee in lacs. Although MCI does not recognize these courses or hospitals but they provide degree recognized by foreign university to get Junior doctors as JR and SR to whom they pay very less not more than Rs 30,000/- pm and so get staffs working round the clock at very cheap rate and they exploit students who seek such courses due to few PG and DNB seats. DNB board in Pari-passu alliance with these big Doctors and hospitals hardly pay attention to these trainee doctors and allow them to be exploited by big hospitals knowing fully that student doctors in this age (more than 26 yrs of age)can’t survive with this meagre salary with own rented house and own transport and food with work like a slave labor for 24×7 working hours through out year with no Sunday or other holidays with hardly 20 leaves in a year. Besides this a Government DNB Board also squeeze yearly fee of about 1 lacs per year from the student too, But neither Government nor MCI or any Doctor’s association can tap DNB Board which appoints thousand of doctors in DNB and FNB courses as PG is important. Recently a doctor working in a hospital in Hyderabad was suspended for one year and hospital closed by health authority for appointing BAMS doctors to provide care as RMO in his hospital by Andhra Pradesh Medical Council and MCI of India as one kidney patient deteriorated in night and BAMS doctor could not handle it and he came in morning till condition of patient worsened and he was referred to another hospital where he died. It is reported that challenging the said decisions of both state and central MCI, Dr. Rao filed a petition with the state high court, but the high court in a recent judgment also upheld the council orders, validating his suspension. Previously even National Commission for consumer court opined that the practice of employing AYUSH practitioners in hospitals is common in many private hospitals. “When a patient is admitted in a hospital, it is done with the belief that the treatment given in the hospital is being given by qualified doctors under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. It is not within the knowledge of the relatives of the patient that the patient is being treated by a AYUSH specialist. We hold that it is a clear deficiency in service and negligence by the hospital for leaving the patient in the hands of a AYUSH doctor. Hospitals do it to cut cost but nobody can break law for economic benefit and allow patient to die in a hand of quacks. This is a material issue in a writ petition currently pending before the Delhi High Court against a corporate hospital owned by a senior IMA official running his hospitals with Ayush doctors and even senior members of many medical associations like API, ASI, FOGSI etc. practice it openly or work in such hospitals where Ayush doctors help them but they hardly report it to health authorities which are also at fault as they never take action against such doctors and hospitals practicing it openly as Huge bribe is paid by hospitals to these authorities or police which protect them. How far days such illegal practice will continue is a big question as many stalwarts and famous doctors or their associations preach very high standard of ethics but practice worst as IMA or Other associations never take action against these doctors and hospitals, although they are dead against AYUSH doctors practicing. Allopathy or given few days training and incorporated into MBBS umbrella but in their hospitals or practice they protect them or encourage them as they are earning money. Therefore, after knowing fully about it, Doctors do not report such illegal practice to local police, NGO or health authorities. Such punishment comes and highlighted as media report death cases or court cases as these are filled by patient’s attendants. What policies should be made by the government to stop this

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