Part2 of doctor patient relationship 

In the next part of our survey, we attempted to understand what the doctors thought about the reasons for doctor -patient disputes. From the responses that we gathered, an often-cited reason was inadequate understanding of the disease on the patient’s part which leads to avoidable dispute situations. Doctors also reported that disputes often arose when the patient or patient’s family members did not have enough clarity on the billing. It would be well worth a mention that some doctors also reported interference of family members as a reason for the dispute. A small percentage of doctors also believed that inadequate risk communication on the part of the physician leads to doctor-patient disputes. While all the above reasons of dispute seem to be largely avoidable, one reason that stood out from the gathered responses was the role media played in shaping doctor-patient relation status. And that, doctors, believe, exacerbates the underlying situation.

The biggest reason for existing doctor-patient disputes is mass media.
“Wrong information and misreporting by mass media” is cited as the top reason that leads to patient-doctor disputes. The other possible reasons cited by doctors as a reason for dispute are “insufficient knowledge on patient’s side”, “lack of adequate hospital facilities, billing disputes and lack of clarity of expenses”

 80% of doctors responded that they were prepared to handle such situations with their patients or relatives, as and when they arose  

Part 3 What is the biggest reason for the dispute?

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Part 1 “Threatened to kill us”

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