Daily Archives: 04/10/2017

Doctor in distress

Neha Sharma, a 28-year-old professional from Lucknow, had been finding it difficult to sleep or concentrate at work. She would often burst into tears and contemplated quitting her job.The timely intervention of friends, who took her to a psychiatrist, helped Sharma sail through the crisis. Ironically, Sharma herself is a doctor, part of a growing […]


*A Legal case of an intubation going wrong*A 61-year-old female was referred to her plastic surgeon with a suspicious mole on her cheek near the left eye. She was diagnosed with a melanoma and proposed a procedure involving wide local excision and primary reconstruction of the lower eyelid, which was likely to take several hours. […]


Wax removal…..!!This is a short story written by Dr Kishore Shah…. he is a Gynaecologist in Pune India and a very gifted writer….enjoy this extremely funny story.============================================================================ My wife is an ENT Surgeon while I am a Gynaecologist. This can lead to some complications, as I recently learned to my anguish. A General Practitioner called […]


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