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End the shame

LAST year Li Tian (not her real name) spent a month in a mental hospital. She has suffered from depression for years, but was not particularly low or anxious at the time. It was just that world leaders were preparing to gather in Hangzhou, the eastern city where she lives, for a G20 summit. Ms […]


Q. How to recall colour of BMW disposal bins inside Hospital ? Coloured BioMedical Waste(BMW) bag disposal as per indian Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016. • R-Red Bin- Recyclable waste(R-R)- Red blood soaked (used) Rubber gloves, Rubber & Plastic tubes & IV sets. • Y-Yellow Bin- pus(Yellow) soaked Cotton Gauze pieces & dressing, Microbiology Waste […]


When my husband and I shopped for our first house, we looked at more than 20 properties on the market. None of them seemed to fit our detailed checklist of the perfect home. I grew frustrated and called my mom. "Forget the list," she said. "When you walk in the front door of your house, […]