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The Bleeding Curse of an Extraordinary Doctor © Dr. Rajas Deshpande

“I cannot sleep well, I cannot forget what happened” said the doctor who had come to consult. I was shattered myself. My usual poise was blown to pieces listening to what this mountain of sacrifice was telling me. As Dr. Anil Dadarao Waghmare told me about his past, I was in frightful tears. Son of […]

Should Psychiatry and Neurology Merge as a Single Discipline

 Published on Psychiatric Times (http://www.psychiatrictimes.com) neurologists, such as Professor S. Weir Mitchell, and the so-called asylum psychiatrists. The latter were largely nonacademics, looked on with some disdain by the neurologists—and perhaps with good reason. As Professor Mitchell himself put it in his acerbic lecture to the Annual Meeting of Asylum Superintendents in 1894, “Where […]

Ten testaments

Ten Testaments to Run Stress Free Private Practice*.This is more relevant today in view of the Newer Hippocratic Oath being adopted by New Zealand Medical council with self health of Doctor himself being given the top priority over that of anything else. In view of adoption of new Hippocratic Oath for doctors here are few […]