Review on Fortis and Max hospital Negligence debate

Cancellation of Max hospital license and Fortis allegations came as a shock to all the medical fraternity but not any emphasis given to all the medical professionals, engineers, accountant and other staff working in the hospital.
Here are few highlights on the eye opening facts for all the great minds in the public and in the govt. Kindly share.
1) Do you know FMRI is worlds 2nd most technologically advanced hospital Charging even less than all the counterpart 29 hospitals, but hard fact many machines are imported because our engineers were not able to get may be resources to produce one of them in India (For all the engineers who are supporting shut down of great civil work of our civil engineers(see the Max hospital and Fortis hospital image)) (
2) India ranks 2nd top for medical tourism, According to a CII – Grant Thornton white paper, cost is a major driver for nearly 80 per cent of medical tourists across the globe (Note: Not even a single patient reported to go govt. hospital, why! you can guess poor quality and care, beside major driver factor of medical tourism is cost). //

3) In US Baltimore, Parents speak to give more extra care and emphasized on to wear gloves to protect from infection while touching the neonate “Case of Nora Bostrom” (Baltimore revolution on aseptic care) whereas in India parents say why you use so many gloves?

4) When we talk about Quality “ None of the government hospitals are JCI (International Quality council) accredited and none accredited from NABH(Indian govt. quality council under QCI) in Delhi,

5) NABH (National Accreditation board for hospital and healthcare providers) to have this certification and annual fees of this govt. body to continue having certification is >3 Lakhs every year.

6) Current case, Patient was referred from VPS Rockland hospital, Dwarka one of the finest hospitals of Delhi with good team of doctors referred a case of dengue (heard it right, referred in dengue means it gone to a higher extent accommodating multi organ). Many people who had been treated for dengue in the past and escaped without complications now speak with authority that dengue is a mild easily curable disease. This is false. Once severe dengue progresses to DSS/DHF, it is very critical.
Dengue cases mount to 5,870 in Delhi

7) Other details, “When they finally looked at the bill they realized that in the period of 15 days some 660 syringes and 2,700 gloves were used”. 660 syringes for 15 days is an average of 40–45 syringes per day. Reference: “billed them for 660 syringes”
Syringes are not ONLY used for direct injections but to give infusions, for giving feeds, for blood extractions like ABG/VBG (done 10–15 times daily for critical patients). If you want know what a critical child on multiple infusions look like this a good picture.

See those green things. Those are infusion pumps. Each one of them contains a syringe. It can be as 14 syringes just for one set of infusions. Each of those drugs is what keeps the patient alive. So 40–45 syringes per 24 hours are not uncommon for a critical patient.
“2700 gloves for 15 days” (Means 1350 (Pairs) and 90 pairs daily for 15 days) which includes every touch to baby with gloves and in some cases double gloving includes catheter care, infusion check, baby examining, nursing care in every shift, duty doctor care, consultant visit, continual care, intermediate care, for more nursing care being provided check link)
This is around 150–200 gloves per day. For a critically ill patient asepsis is very important. Every single action like feeding, touching patient, examining patient, setting infusions, dialysis etc require gloves. Some strictly aseptic precautions require double gloving. These are standard protocols followed worldwide. Every person coming into contact with the child will need gloves.

8) Max Hospital, case of declaring 22 weeks preterm fetus, Acc. to British pregnancy advisory, “Viability does not just mean survival: it also means the capacity of very premature babies to thrive once they have left the neonatal unit. … '[t]here is international consensus that at 22 weeks of gestation there is no hope of survival, and that up to 22+6 weeks is considered to be the cut-off of human viability”.'
Survival before 24 weeks is less even in high resource setting

9) Top 5 government hospital, heading on them is AIIMS,, Now see the status of AIIMS where for simple test you need to wait months what to talk about quality. Other facts, 10 patients die daily in AIIMS What happened to AIIMS when hospital nurse died for normal delivery reported Feb 5, 2017, What happened in a case where Baby declared dead by doctors at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital found alive minutes before burial.

10) What to talk about Mortality index of these top 5 govt. hospital. Fortis and Max are the hospital having very less mortality index. Mortality index (Death ratio of Fortis and Max is very less that’s why they are empanelled with NABH & JCI quality assurance bodies whereas government hospitals are not having any quality certification).

11) When you talk about doctors in these hospital world acclaimed doctors many have received great excellence awards from international bodies and even “Padam Bhusan” award. Doctors having in panel It takes 10-15 years of rigorous study to become a doctor, already we have very less number of doctors. If we continue to do so current doctors would also be going to foreign countries. Last year only 1,333 doctors migrated abroad last year – Times of India Seeing present situation this year it might go much high number. After reading above also imagine only government hospitals with the condition you know would be left then you also be going to other countries and increasing their revenue of medical tourism.

12) If government is claiming protocols. Kindly also visit government hospital condition and treatment you can check by yourself. If claiming price, why not open it by yourself and establish even a single hospital like Fortis, Max, Apollo, Medanta etc. Also, cut down the fees of universities ranging lakhs 2 lakh per year to 30 lakh per year in total 70-80 Lakhs for MBBS degree. Then also, why don’t you talk about charges?

Decide yourself……

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