Rediscover Your Doctor

Do you know
that when treating you of your viral fever your doctor gets exposed to the virus?

Do you know
that when doing surgery your doctor gets cuts and pricks that may transmit disease from patient to doctor?

Do you know
that when your doctor dresses your diabetic foot, they feel nauseated by smell and do not feel like eating for the whole day?

Do you know
that when during a delivery the patient often passes urine and motion that may spills on the doctor?

Do you know
that even though your doctor's own child might be suffering from fever, he has to leave him to others as he has to go and treat others while his own child suffers?

Do you know
that for every delivery case your doctor has to attend at least 10 calls throughout night.. And then be back to work early next day?

Do you know
that when a neurosurgeon operates for 12 hours continuously he loses track of time and forgets to eat or sleep?

Do you know
that a cardiologist is exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in the lab

Do you know
that the life span of doctors is 10 years less than public average because of stress?

A doctor doesn’t just work for money. With their level of intelligence they could earn more money had they chosen other professions.

Please take a moment to thank all the Doctors

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