Interviewer: which pathy is the best?

BAMS: Ayurveda is best with no side effects.
BHMS: Homeopathy is best. It is best solution for all illness.

Interviewer: what about allopathy?

BAMS: Oh.. it has lot of side effects and lot of harmful chemicals
BHMS: It doesnt go to root cause. Our science is perfect

Interviewer: So you dont like allopathy and dont want to practice it?

BAMS/BHMS: Why shouldn't we? We were tought the same that they did. So, we know everything. We want to practice it.

Interviewer: But you said your pathy is best.
Anyway, so it means that allopathy doctors also should be allowed to practice ayurved or homeopathy?

BAMS/BHMS: No, no. How can they practice our pathy. They are not trained in the same.

Interviewer: But you also are not trained in allopathy.

BAMS/ BHMS: So what, we can learn it in 6 month course.

Interviewer: So allopathic doctor can also learn your course in 6 months?

BAMS/BHMS: No no. Our pathies are great science. Allopathic doctors wont be able to understand it.

Interviewer: But arent they better than you in academics?

BAMS/BHMS: who told you that? We are all equal.

Interviewer: So you chose BAMS/BHMS even when you were getting MBBS?

BAMS BHMS: See, we just missed it by few marks, it doesnt mean we are inferior.

Interviewer: I am not saying you are inferior. You only said that you can learn allopathy in 6 months, but they cant learn your pathy in same period. So they shouldn't be allowed to practice your pathy.
Anyway, so you agree that allopathy is better and you should be allowed to practice it.

BAMS BHMS: We should be allowed to practice it. But our pathies are best.

Interviewer: if that is the case, you should practice what is best. Not the one who has lot of side effects and lot of chemicals. Not the one which doesnt go the root cause. Not the one who is ineffective.

BAMS BHMS: No. We will practice allopathy. But our pathy is best.

Interviewer: But people want more allopathy

BAMS BHMS: Ha ha ha.. you are so wrong. People love ayurved/ homeopathy.

Interviewer:. So why is there so much rush in the allopathic hospitals and clinics?

BAMS BHMS: People don't know the real power of our pathy.

Interviewer: So when your loved one is critically ill you will treat him/her by your own best pathy only?

BAMS BHMS: we will treat them by our pathy with the help of allopathy.

Interviewer: But if your pathy is best then why you need help of allopathy?

BAMS BHMS: we don't need their help. Our pathy helps allopathy to treat better.

Interviewer: But they never take your pathies help while treating? I have never heard allopthy doctor starting ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment to a critical patient in ICU?

BAMS BHMS: Please don't divert from the topic. Our pathy is best and we want to practice allopathy. Thats it!

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