Today, India celebrates its 69th Republic Day! On this day in 1950, our governing document came into force, establishing India as a Republic Country, ending the British rule for good. In the last 68 years, many laws have come into effect with an aim to improve the quality of life of the Indian citizens. Special considerations have also been given to empower certain oppressed classes of our society. Where do DOCTORS – who are given status similar to that of GOD by many – fit into this constitution? With the recent monarchy of the MCI and the government in terms of the laws imposed on the medical fraternity, don’t you question if the medical community is really part of this republic nation? Everyday, we hear that doctors have been mistreated by their patients. Many hospitals use their doctors as scapegoats to get out of tough medical lawsuits, leading to an increase in the strikes and mass-resignations of doctors throughout the nation. Here again, the doctor is blamed for not taking care of their patients. In addition, getting into this noble profession has also become really difficult. For instance, the pressure of clearing the NEET exam, going through the rural services, has only been imposed on the medical community, with stringent actions taken against individuals who do not abide by the rules. Unfortunately, in this turbulent healthcare system, the Indian population suffers. Our medical community needs to find the right balance, between getting their rights, and at the same time not compromising the patient health. In this regard, let’s take the revised Hippocratic Oath into serious consideration – respect the patient’s autonomy, share medical knowledge, and give attention to our own health, well-being and abilities. This Republic Day, Docplexus urges the medical community to pen their own constitution with one common goal – Better Healthcare Delivery F

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