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How mental illness stopped being “a terrible dark secret.”

The Great God of Depression By Pagan Kennedy Ms. Kennedy is a contributing opinion writer. Aug. 3, 2018 401 Nearly 30 years ago, the author William Styron outed himself in these page s as mentally ill. “My days were pervaded by a gray drizzle of unrelenting horror,” he wrote in a New York Times Op-Ed […]

What Do We Know About Suicides? Let’s Breakdown Myths vs Facts

Mind It By Dr Harish Shetty August 02, 2018 at 06:14 PM IST social-share-icons Stem Cells Restore Sight? Medscape Replacing damaged epithelium cells improved vision in wet AMD in early trials OPEN Ad closed by Stop seeing this ad Why this ad? Ad closed by Stop seeing this ad Why this ad? Seen this ad […]


History of my Alma mater —————————————— During the British Empire’s government, in 1854 S N Medical College was founded for the practice of British military doctors. The name of S N Medical College was originally Thomson School, named for Lt. Governor Sir James Thomson, founder of the college. Plans for establishing the school were made […]