History of my Alma mater


During the British Empire’s government, in 1854 S N Medical College was founded for the practice of British military doctors. The name of S N Medical College was originally Thomson School, named for Lt. Governor Sir James Thomson, founder of the college. Plans for establishing the school were made by the British East India Company; the maintenance cost was also borne by it. The hospital attached to the Medical School was known as the Thompson Hospital.

In 1857 the first batch of Indian doctors was passed out from Thomson School. Surgeon John Murray was the first principal of the school, from 1854 until 1858. From 1872 onwards civilian students were also admitted to the L.M.P. course, which was later changed into L.S.M.F. by the Uttar Pradesh State Medical Faculty. In 1883 Lady Lyall Duuerin Hospital was founded as a separate section for the medical training of female students. The first batch of female doctors was passed out in 1886.

In 1939 Agra Medical School was upgraded as a full fledged medical college to meet the growing demand for doctors in United Provinces. The first batch of M.B.B.S. was graduated in 1944, with the degree awarded by Agra University. In 1947 the name of the medical school was changed to Sarojini Naidu Medical College after the name of the first Lady Governess of Uttar Pradesh, the poet and freedom fighter, Bharat Kokila. At the same time the Thomson Hospital was also renamed Sarojini Naidu Hospital. In 1948 the S N Medical College was recognized by the Medical Council of India and the General Medical Council of Great Britain.

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