Medical college

Medical schools have a lot to teach you. When you leave your school/college there are many things that you can define as standards of that particular medical college. Depending on the medical college you go, your experience that there are certain truths, facts and reality that are common to every medical college. This article elaborates on what medical schools teach you for life. Medical school makes you grow up: Clinical years teach you to face life as it comes and, in the process, grow. You come across different people in this phase and each experience has something to teach you. Medical school teaches resilience: All your life from childhood you are used to listening lectures, sitting down in a classroom environment and solve questions. In your clinical experience you come across real life cases that you need to solve. Every case is different with different challenges in it. You need to work on these different questions and answer them correctly. In Medical school you see many people suffer: In your profession you will daily come across patients who suffer the illness and some who suffer seeing their closed ones in pain. Not every person can see such pain and sufferings around them. But you are brave to face these cases and you also try to minimize the sufferings of patients. Medical school changes your life: The experiences you get over here is something that changes your life. You see people laugh and cry at the same place. You see all human emotions and human behavior, this changes your life. Medical school is an emotional experience: You start your school with a cadaver dissection and this goes till getting a baby delivered. Its an emotional roller-coaster ride dealing with all types of emergencies where there are many cases that you succeed in solving whereas some just slip away from your hand. Medical School is fun: You studied in groups, you had outings, you quizzed each other and you had a lot of fun together. You experienced all the fun in your semesters during submissions and also during your study tours. This is what medical school really teaches you. You learn a lot of things and experience every emotion in these days. What has your medical school taught you?

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