Nationalisation of health care of India

Let this court judgement be an example of the situation in the days to come….all those registered under CEA….will not be permitted to open or close there establishments by their own free will …and the govt. Will have the backing of the courts….this is just the tip of the iceberg….in the coming days…other than the right to open or close other functionings of the hospitals will also start being governed by weekly notices from cmo offices….the way it happens in govt. Hospitals……this it seems is the beginning of nationalization of all heath services in Uttarakhand….soon ayushman will be compulsory……and in the next step no establishments will be allowed to pick and choose speciality too ..if one has diplayed or advertised a certain speciality they will be forced to offer Ayushman package of it…..this it seems will be the future scenario….

So all large establishments and so called corporates…be sure things are not going to be very lucrative for u too in the near future.

This fight is a do or die fight…so stick together..big and small.

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