“Gonorrhea stopim”.

Contagious Disease Alert!

“Gonorrhea stopim”.

“`The Centre for Disease Control has Issued a Warning about a new virulent strain of Disease that is transmitted from one human to another. The disease is contracted through normal social discourse.

The disease is called“` *Gonorrhea stopim* “`and pronounced… “gonna stop him”. Many victims contracted it in 2014.“`


This infection is air borne or vector borne is not clear . Some say it can be spread by touching your smartphone.After having been constantly exposed to modinomics for the past four years, Cognitive Characteristics of individuals infected include :

1. Anti-social personality traits like talking of repealing AFSPA .

2. Delusions of grandeur with messianic overtones like talking of giving 72000 rupees to all the poor

3. Extreme cognitive dissonance like not understanding the difference between 72000 rupees or 72000 crore rupee

4. Inability to incorporate new information like trying to produce gold from potato

5. Pronounced xenophobia and paranoia like asking for proof of army raids in Pakistan

6. Inability to accept responsibility for own actions and proudly saying i am Pappu and not ashamed of it

7. Cowardice masked by misplaced bravado like trying to hug the prime minister needlessly

8. Uncontrolled facial smirking like winking in full view of parliament

9. Ignorance of geography and history of India like talking of hindu terror or intolerance in India

10. Tendencies towards misplaced evangelical theocracy like trying to eat beaf while claiming to be a hindu brahmin and then trying to pose as Christian ruling Hindu state

11. Categorical all-or-nothing behaviour like repeatedly leaving the group or threatening to leave it or leave the country claiming intolerance while being intolerant

12. Folie a triox of Delusions of grandeur like saying i would be PM from multiple quarters

Naturalists and Epidemiologists are alarmed at how this disease originated from somewhere in italy and spread to 10 janpath .Thereafter all measures for containment by modi sarkar has failed and it has spread through out india


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