What I have learned so far…..

In our world we live in, the word Transplant seems all to common of a word. With the advances in medicine we hear it used often as to suggest it in some way is an easy process.

That is far from the truth!

Though advances in medicine have yielded many miracles in the last 5 decades.

By no means is the process an easy one.

Not for the Parents, the Grand parents, the children, brothers, sisters, uncle’s, aunts, family and friends…

And by far is it an easy process for the doner and especially for the recipient!

For the friends and family involved..

It’s the stress

The worry

The lack of sleep



Perhaps Guilt




Feelings of emptiness, helplessness… loss of control

Leaving fate in the hands of strangers, new found friends and in faith.

All this to define exhaustion

But the truly brave are the ones counting on the advances in the medical field and in the strangers they meet. Finding trust in the Doctors, surgeons, nurses and technicians.

The recipients are the ones who must truly face their fears. The anxiety, questions, confusion, the worry… the recognition that a part of them can no longer support its function… Suport life..

Maybe even a sense of betrayal.

Through this comes the emotions!

The anger

All the fears, anxiety and tears.

The deceased donor..

They gave everything to give everything.

The gift of sight, breath, heart and life. Through thier gift they live on. And through the act to be a donor in passing, it is thier family who feel a great loss. We can only hope they find comfort in the fact that in some way a part of them lives on.

Deceased donors are the quite souls leaving gifts before returning home.

The living donor….

They are nowhere free from extreme emotions. For they are risking everything..

Difference is they just have a little more footing on this side of the door. But they themselves are willingly placing themselves on a ride that is unpredictable. Full of emotions and real consequences.

Yet they do it for love and without hesitation.


Though a Miracle and huge milestone in modern medicine, is not an easy journey.

However the rewards, the future and the outcome is what offers new life!

That is the true miracle!

Those that endure the journey…

They are the warriors..

They are the hero’s!

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