The incident

Initial incident:




Incident:A male patient aged 75 years, admitted in the male medicine ward died on 10/6/19 at around 6.15pm.Life saving drugs were injected to him and patient party accused that poison had been given to him causing death and they went into a feud with interns and threatened them that they would kill them. Following that at around 10.30pm 2 lorries and bikes containing 200 people came and attacked the interns present there at that moment. 2 interns were severely injured. Dr.Paribaha Mukherjee, got a depressed fracture in his frontal bone of skull clearly indicating how severely he was beaten.

After that, huge police force came and shut down the whole hospital.

Movement: After that, the junior doctors of different government and private hospitals and medical colleges decided to shut down all emergencies and outdoors until the doctor’s security can be ensured and other demands can be met so that they can provide effective care to the patients. How 200 people entered a hospital and there was no protection to the junior doctors at their posts – These questions needed to be answered by the government. Strike will not be called off until any solution is ensured.

Reaction against movement:

Several attacks have been made on the students on movement in order to destroy the movement. Here is a list of attacks-

1) Interns and PGTs given death and rape threat at RGKar medical college.

2) Interns and PGTs given death and rape threats at KPC medical college, interns injured.

3) Boys hostel attacked at CNMC and was put on fire.

4) Goons entered MCK, forcing closure of the heritage gate that has been open for the last 185 years, and death threats made.

5) Burdwan medical college hostels attacked by mob armed with acid, bricks, bombs, students trapped inside running low on food. Interns injured gravely, with one almost losing one of his eyes.

6) Murshidabad medical college and Malda medical college in similar situation, attacked.

7) There is still ongoing feuds in NRS medical college.

8) There is no support from Government or Police.

Reaction in support of movement:

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has supported the movement and said if solution is not provided on 13th June, ALL INDIA PROTEST DAY will be celebrated on 14th and doctors all over India will go on a pen down strike.

Objectives of the movement:

1) 4 unarmed and 4 armed guards must be provided to each and every wards. And there roster must be kept there. If the guards are not present then the doctors and interns will be allowed to leave from ward and the doctors will not be liable if anything happens to the patients.

2) For each patient only one person is allowed in emergency and ALL wards. At the time of admission 2 persons will be allowed only. And visiting hours will be followed strictly.

3) If these demands are not fulfilled then the movement will not be called off.

4) If after accepting the demands the guards are not provided within on the VERY SAME day then the movement shall continue without loss of any momentum.

Even after 2days of closure of ERs ALL over the state’s medical colleges, the health minister of West Bengal has not addressed either the grieving doctors or the helpless patients.




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