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PROTOCOL for ‘Dead-on-Arrival (DOA)’ Cases

 INTRODUCTION In every hospital, occasionally cases are brought to the Emergency Room who are apparently dead or actually dead (dead-on-arrival or DOA). Such cases may be due to natural cause or unnatural cause. Every doctor should be aware of the procedure to be followed in DOA cases, because such cases have legal, ethical and […]

The Harassed Patriot

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Sir Can I come to meet you this Wednesday? I am in Delhi right now, I will be coming to Pune on Tuesday to see my parents” Dr. Aman asked. He sounded different from his usual jovial self. I was with a patient. “Sure! Everything alright with you?” I asked hesitantly. […]


He was young, naive and raw But confident and competent as a Gynecologist While doing the scan, the lady asked ‘Sir, what is the sex of the baby…?’ He ignored and said; Baby is fine and good, and 4 months now ‘I asked about the sex, sir’ That was more of a statement from her […]