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How to sponsor your own health award

Rema Nagarajan |    that is a recession-proof, sunrise industry, ” healthcare excellence awards ” too appear to be a booming industry. With rapid expansion of the private healthcare sector , there are new entrants in the award scene every year. The usual winners tend to be corporate hospitals/hospital chains, diagnostic companies, all kinds of specialist […]

Bill No. 185 of 2019 THE NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BILL, 2019 ——————

AS INTRODUCED IN LOK SABHA ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES —————— CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY CLAUSES 1. Short title, extent and commencement. 2. Definitions. CHAPTER II THE NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION 3. Constitution of National Medical Commission. 4. Composition of Commission. 5. Search Committee for appointment of Chairperson and Members. 6. Term of office and conditions of service of […]


Credit: Jamie Grill Getty Images Begin Rubicon Project Tag Site: SCIAM – Mobile Zone: SCIAM_Mobile_International_300x250_MPU_1 Size: Medium Rectangle Copyright the Rubicon Project 2019 End Rubicon Project Tag ADVERTISEMENT A nurse showed me the newspaper just as I was walking in. I saw the smiling face of the young man I had taken care of since […]