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professional jealousy

WHY I BELIEVE DOCTORS DESERVE TO GET BASHED UP ( A NON SARCASTIC POST) There has been a lot of hue and cry in the recent times about how medicos are being assaulted all over the nation. No other professional group has faced such brazen attacks except perhaps security and armed personell. Why is nobody […]

Good medical practice

The medical profession is considered as the noblest profession and sometimes doctors are even considered as deities. It is said that either you choose a profession or profession chooses you. But, in the hindsight, the key motive of ‘patient care’ is someway slipping down the ladder. On the flipside, we also need to consider that […]


July 11,2019. Remembering and Celebrating the life of Prof. Prabhu G.G. Yesterday when I received the news of Prof.Prabhu leaving the physical body, I experienced both a personal and professional loss.   I have known Prabhuji (that is how I used to refer to him) since 1975 and the last time I shared time  with […]