NMC assurances


The representatives of IMA MSN and JDN met the health minister under the leadership of National President Dr Santanu Sen at his office. The following assurances were given and he has agreed to include them in the NMC bill while detail drafting of rules and regulations of bill. These draftings and defining rules will occur in due course of time and will be passed in a later parliament session after which it will become the law.


A. No separate exam for licensing, the final year exam is renamed as NEXT exam.This is a one time exam and once licensed no need of repeating or renewing it.

B. Theory part conducted by NMC as a national board exam and clinical exam at college level.

C. For PG admissions only theory marks will be calculated. For purpose of PG admission any number of attempts can be taken and only need to reattempt the MCQ part containing final year syllabus.

D. The syllabus for NEET PG is now only final year subjects.

E. Your license will not be cancelled even if you fail in later attempts of NEXT exam for the purpose of PG admission.

F. Foreign graduates will undergo both theory and clinical exam like USMLE and PLAB unlike the present system of FMGE where only theory is tested. They will also have to undergo one year internship.

2. Community Health Providers

The versions of minister that it will be according to WHO guidelines is vague and not acceptable.

Since Minister has agreed to constitute a committee of modern medicine doctors to frame guidelines for them thereby structuring the guidelines of section 32 and has also agreed to include participation of IMA in the committe.

So even though not convinced fully we will be waiting for what changes could happen in it.

3. Fee regulations

Fees for 50 percent of seats in private medical college will be regulated by NMC and remaining 50% by state government.

4. No bridge courses.

The minister has agreed to constitute a committee to draft the NMC regulations and rules with participation of IMA. Further has extended to include the IMA MSN and JDN also as a part of it.

The above mentioned did not fully convince our leaders. Following which a meeting was held at IMA HQ New Delhi today and decided to defer the strike to a later date.

IMA-MSN will continue to protest till decisions in favour of Medical Students are brought to implementation.

IMA-MSN will continue the protest .The protest will be continued in different modalities which will be planned after 8th August.

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