7 Ways Doctors Can Increase Patient Footfall

The medical profession is noble  yet a sort of money driven. Money driven could be taken into context as hospitals or even small clinics require funds to enhance their treatment facilities. In this highly competitive healthcare industry, it is extremely difficult for doctors and hospitals to make a credible image of themselves due to various medicolegal laws attached to the advertisements. Here are 7 tips to increase your stature as a doctor and increase patient footfall: 1. Knowing your target audience: Even before targeting other patients, doctors need to understand the status of their current patients. After seeking the patient’s record, a physician can understand the target audience by observing the average age, gender and location from where the patient has visited the hospital or clinic. The data helps in driving the best possible marketing strategy for promoting the practice and thereby attracting new patients. 2. Training your team: The clinic staff is the primary point of contact for the patients even before they meet the doctor. So, training the staff becomes crucial to create a first impression of the doctor and address  queries of the patient regarding the practice. Staff should be prudent enough to make patients understand about the pricing, useful clinical equipment and what they should expect during the consult. 3. Building trust with your patients: It includes service, consistency, and transparency which assists in passive marketing. Building the trust of patients through the above gems can assist in forming a potential marketer who could recommend your service to others and increase the patient footfall. 4. Affiliation with other physicians: Tie-ups with other physicians is one of the most important aspects as it will help increase your stature and to create an informative link among two physicians. This aspect also covers medical ethics by increasing the professional relationship. It works by the simple formula of referral where more the general physician is convinced about your capability in handling cases, more would be a number of referrals and thereby a greater number of patients. It builds the informative network by vocal publicity without breaking the code of ethics which helps in boosting the footfall in the hospital or clinics. 5. Retaining existing patients: According to a survey, most practitioners spend 90% of their possessions for attracting new patients. But retaining the existing patients is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods which helps in nurturing the practice. Relationships with existing patients can help assist to increase referrals. 6. Effective marketing: Effective marketing is a key tool when it comes to driving the patients to the best possible care and to attain supremacy in the sector. Through social and content-driven marketing, the patients can better understand the functioning of the hospitals or clinics. Other factors such as patient-friendly activities also help in the decision-making process and visibility enhancement. 7. Social Media: Social media is slowly becoming one of the most growing and populous ways of marketing for hospitals and clinics which effectively allows the doctor’s message to pass across their patients which helps in building relationships and brand awareness. This can be effectively done by: Starting a blog Encouraging online reviews Connecting with the community Monitoring the online presence As the healthcare industry is continually evolving, hospitals and clinics have to upgrade their strategies. With increasing competition, the patients who are used to a treatment from the particular doctor might taper away from that doctor. But patient footfall might increase if the above strategies are used in a correct and timely manner. Finally, it’s all about building a relationship which lasts longer and for the quality of life of the patient.

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