Dengue in doon

Dehradun is in middle of a Dengue Epidemic.

Tens of thousands of people in Dehradun are suffering from Dengue, but the government claims only around 1000 people have Dengue. That is because the State Government claims that Dengue tests done in private laboratories are wrong and unreliable and counts, in its statistics , only tests done at Doon Hospital and HIHT. It is such a ridiculous situation. The financial impact on poor and middle class families of this Dengue epidemic is staggering with all family members, especially the earning member, down with Dengue and unable to work. All hospitals are full, including Max and Synergy and almost all of the smaller nursing homes.

If Dehradun was in any other country, a Medical emergency would have been declared and massive efforts undertaken to control the epidemic. In Uttarakhand, the government merely labels 99% of all the Dengue tests as unreliable and brushes everything under the carpet.

The most surprising part of this fiasco is that the press is willing to parrot the government narrative without any questions. Shameful. Dr panday

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