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Septic shock with no diagnosis at 24 hours

Contou et al. Critical Care (2016) 20:360 DOI 10.1186/s13054-016-1537-5 RESEARCH  Open Access : a pragmatic multicenter prospective cohort study Damien Contou1,2*, Damien Roux3, Sébastien Jochmans4, Rémi Coudroy5, Emmanuel Guérot6, David Grimaldi7, Sylvie Ricome8, Eric Maury9, Gaëtan Plantefève10, Julien Mayaux11, Armand Mekontso Dessap1,2, Christian Brun-Buisson1,2 and Nicolas de Prost1,2       […]

Sample light scalpel romance

Upon joining the MS course, a doctor doesn’t expect to be showered with rose petals. But he shouldn’t be treated like dirt either. Afunny-looking man entered Nirog Hospital. He was swaggering like a WWE wrestler, on the move. But his spotless white coat and the stethoscope hanging around his neck were clear pointers to his […]

For Sex Change surgery

Guidelines are 1.Diagnosis by two Psychiatrists 2. Psychological assessments This initial workup taken as starting point 3 months of counselling Monthly visit to primary consultation and behavior assessment (recording ) by primary psychiatrist .. 3rd month : hormonal treatment can be started if patient is well 6 month ( from starting point) : counseling sessions […]