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Understanding the situation:

Developing Herd immunity by killing many is not the best option here. Herd immunity is good in polio, mumps. In some diseases, herd immunity during pandemic is the best way. In 1918 flu pandemic, that lasted 3 years killed 2 crore out of 30 crore Indians alone of undivided India then. Globally it killed 10 […]


Staff of the Healthy Mind Lab at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis pack medication and medical equipment to be sent to participants in a COVID-19 trial that will help determine whether the psychiatric drug fluvoxamine might help prevent the life-threatening “cytokine storm” that lands many COVID-19 patients in the hospital. Researchers at […]

As OPD footfalls drop, private hospitals battle for survival

By Sohini Das & Gireesh Babu April 11, 2020 11:38 IST Private hospitals, especially smaller standalone ones, are staring at a crisis that they were not prepared for. Analysts say larger corporate chains have to brace up for at least six months for business to return to normal. AK Kaushik, who heads a group of […]