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In case any one of us gets infected by coronavirus. Then What?

Ever thought of that? Whole house will be sealed. Your wife children and parents too will be taken to Isolation ward. You may not ever meet some or all of them again. They may die or you may die. Situation is still tougher if you are only husband wife living with kids abroad/ away. Case […]

When Will Covid-19 End

SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab When Will COVID-19 End Data-Driven Estimation of End Dates (As of April 24, 2020) SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) epidemic model is regressed based on the data from different countries to predict the key dates of transition during the epidemic lifecycle in different countries. The prediction is updated with newer data. Codes from Milan […]


In the 1920s, a rich man in India put his son on board a ship from Bombay to the United Kingdom in order to acquire a law degree and become a barrister, as was fashionable among all privileged families in the country at the time. The boy, however, did not want to be a lawyer; […]

Covid ICU in govt hospital

The lockdown had begun.That meant shutting down the clinic and one visit a day to the hospital to see a few admitted patients.Like all interested clinicians,I was reading every word printed on Corona.The news channels were full of just one news :The epidemic.Everyday the news of people falling like nine pins were pouring in from […]

Covid costs claim format

  Claim Format by the requisitioned Private Hospitals, functioning as COVID Hospitals 2020   1. Name of the COVID Hospital  :    2. Address of the Hospital : District: PIN: 3. Contact of the Hospital  :  Land/Mobile : Email ID: 4. Date of requisition as COVID Hospital  […]


                               Based on ICD International Statistical Classification of Diseases (16 April 2020) WHO/HQ/DDI/DNA/CAT Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A- B- C- D- […]